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"My body is a temple, and I am the god it was built for."

Savannah Brown

Physical Alignment is the foundation of this important alignment work. If our body isn't in a clear, mostly toxin-free state, it cannot possibly function as a sufficient vessel for our true nature. If we neglect our bodies needs, we will pay the price. Maybe we will feel unmotivated, have depleted life energy, feel unable to handle lifes daily tasks or battle various degrees of different diseases. 

It is important that we take care of our body's needs. Our body needs to be moved regurarly, it benefits of fresh air and loves healthy food. When we take care of it with loving routines and the right amount of rest, it usually thrives and will reward us with lots of energy to play our part in daily life and our relationships.

Sometimes it seems hard do take the necessary changes, because our old ways are familiar to us. Our brain doesn't like change, even if our habits are problematic. 

But when our love for our true Self is big enough, we will find the motivation needed to consistently moving towards more alignment with it.

Physical Body

Emotional Body

As human beings, we collect many imprints  during our lifetime(s), which are stuck in our emotional body. 

They are created in moments where we strongly resist an emotion (resulting from a difficult situation), because it feels unbearable. The problem with this is, that during absence of our presence, our system is left unguarded and the unfelt emotions become imprinted in us.

Whenever a similar situation (which triggered the original emotion) occurs in our life, the old emotion resurfaces and we fall into unconscious reactive patterns.

Because we do everything to resist the emotion again, since it still feels unbearable.

If we want to stop repeating our patterns and clear these painful imprints from our system, we have to start feeling our emotions without resistance.

Since this is often easier said than done, the most effective way is going through the original traumatic memory with an expanded state of consciousness and with full presence.

In my work, I guide clients through this process, leaning on the principles of the expansion method (see methods).

We aim to bring our emotional body into alignment with unconditional love, which results in emotional fulfillment, independence and true inner power.

According to different yogic and tantric scriptures, our physical body is suspended in a pranic field, that we can call our subtle body. This subtle body is made of prana - vital energy - which penetrates, nourishes and protects both the body and mind, just like the atmosphere nourishes and protects life on earth.

Prana flows through a system of nadis (subtle energy channels) and seven chakras (pranic energy centers). When pranic energy is flowing freely, we experience a state of positivity, health, and well-being. 

Old negative emotions are not only stored in our emotional body but manifest also in the energetic body as blockages in the nadis and in the chakras (also called vrittis and samskaras). When the flow of prana is blocked in this way, we experience various types of imbalances. Depression, illnesses, general negativity, stress, emotional turmoil... - just to name a few.

In guided meditation and movement oriented practices, we gently release those blockages by bringing them into the light of awareness. In an expanded state of consciousness, we can fully identify them, see them completely, and evetually let them go. Through this, we will feel freer and re-align our body-mind with our true Being. We will be able to taste all of lifes flavours and no longer depend so much on the content of experience. We can respond from a place of integrity and wholeness to outer circumstances and see reality as it is, without the interpretation of old unconscious imprints. 

Energetic Body

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Physical Alignment
Emotional Alignment
Energtic Alignmn

"When our system is aligned with our true nature, 

we are able to live from a place of integrity. Our inner wholeness will be experienced independently from life's changing circumstances."

Livia Melanie 

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