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"The true practice of devotion to truth doesn't only take place in meditation and silent contemplation. It is a choice that we make each moment. To follow the silent impulse of love within and surrender to it completely."

Livia Melanie

Livia Melanie, Coach for Heart Healing, Spiritual Awakening, Ayurveda and Soul Alignment

Dear Soul, I am happy that you have found your way here. My Name is Livia and my heart sings, whenever I follow its deepest calling: To fully realize the oneness of all that IS and manifest this knowing as love in action on the earthly plane.
In that sense, one could also speak of helping to "realize heaven on earth". 
My own spiritual journey started at the age of 20, after countless years of depression, destructive (family-) relationships, a feeling of alienation and deep longing for death. Later I would come to know that this longing was already a (more gross) expression of the desire to return to myself, as this return brings a "death" of all egoic thoughts, behaviours and false identities that we have collected throughout  our lifetime(s).What a wonderful idea this death must be to a heart that had bared the chains of suffering for so long. Something in me knew that those chains needed to be broken, or my heart would stop beating under their ongoing  tightening. 
I took the decision to live, to try "one last time". And by the grace of the Divine, I met teachers and many other long lost soulfriends, who all encouraged me to dive deep into the ancient mystical teachings of enlightenment. 
Through their support and a first wave of spontaneous kundalini activation, my being was set on fire and intense longing for truth took over my system. Over the course of 4 years, I went to many weeklong silent meditation retreats, read countless books on this matter, practiced yoga and underwent a deeply transformative healing process through various methods (Expansion Method, Body Oriented Psychology, Somatic Experiencing, TRE, ...). Slowly, the divine spark within my heart started to shine brighter and I began to experience a deeper kind of love for myself and others. By 2020, God knew that it was time for me to start embodying this love and turn it into action, so he sent me the grace of a relationship with my partner Jonas, who continues to trigger and lovingly support the shedding of unconscious layers and the further process self- remembrance. This Year 2023, we moved from our flat in Switzerland into a Fiat Ducato Van and are currently traveling Europe.What an adventure! We often visit sacred energetic places, which brings me great joy!
My soul urged me to help other beings reconnect with their divine essence and live in alignment with love.
I do this by the means of guided meditation, deep heart inquiry and speaking the "divine language of love".

Furthermore, my own love of truth is continuously deepening through the spiritual practice of contemplative prayer, ongoing inquiry and meditative practices. One important thing I learned is that we have the power to end our own suffering, and this actually can come before a full awakening to truth. We then experience "seeking" no longer as painful, but find delight in our ever deepening realization of reality. I carry this passion into the work with other souls, seeing myself as a fellow traveller, sharing from my own experience and responding from an open heart. I'm passionate about supporting people who want to break free from the chains of suffering and want to live from a place of presence, compassion and joy. In this process, we learn to become a light upon ourselves and source love from within, which enables us to truly become open and independent beings. I bow before the ones that have the impulse to follow nothing other than their hearts, a path that leads to the annihilation of ego and therefore also reduces of the suffering of our planet.

With Deep Love,

Livia Melanie



A little insight into the joys and passions of my heart:

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