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Align yourself with
your true nature.

Discover your inner wholeness and let true joy arise from it.

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About me

A story about my inner journey

My name is Livia Melanie Auer and I live near Lake Constance in Switzerland.  ​

My main passion in life is the inner journey and I was drawn to the spiritual path at an early age. I deeply believe, that once we recognize our true nature as loving presence, we are finally able to experience life in its full spectrum and find beauty in every experience, even in the more challenging ones.

My own inner journey started during a spiritual and psychological crisis a few years ago, which led me to the expansion method, developed by the spiritual teacher Shai Tubali. After a few sessions, I felt like a new human being and found the strength needed to dedicate  myself fully to the process of inner transformation.

This quest recquired me to align all areas of life with it, since they are deeply interconnected and affect one another.

Although I experienced great inner peace and joy, my body wasn't used to holding these "higher" states and I was regurarly exhausted, physically ill and unable to perform at work sufficiently. The reason for this was not that the energy of presence and peace was harmful, but because I simply had a lot of physical and energetic toxins to clear from my system.

I discovered the principles of Ayurveda, and because it was a major key to healing my body and strenghtening my nervous system , I decideded to become a qualified health coach in this field. I study at the Rosenberg European Academy for Ayurveda in Germany and will finish by the end of 2022.

My daily life is filled with working with clients and other passions, such as nature, plant-based cooking, long periods of silent meditation, teaching and practicing yoga, reading and spending time with my loved ones.

I help my clients to bring all elements of their system into harmony, so it can function at its highest potential - as a vessel for our true self.

May we all recognize the light of the One Self in our hearts and may we act and live from this place of love. 

With Love, 


About me

I help you to clear your emotional, physical and subtle body, 

in order to bring them into alignment with your true self.

The 3 Components of Alignment

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Physical Body
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Physical Alignment is the foundation of this important alignment work. If our body isn't in a clear, mostly toxin-free state, it cannot possibly function as a sufficient vessel for our true nature. If we neglect our bodies needs, we will pay the price. Maybe we will feel unmotivated, have depleted life energy, ...

Emotional Body
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As human beings, we collect many imprints  during our lifetime(s), which are stuck in our emotional body. 

They are created in moments where we strongly resist a feeling (resulting from a difficult situation), because it feels unbearable. The problem with this is, that during absence of our presence,... 

Energetic Body
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According to different yogic and tantric scriptures, our physical body is suspended in a pranic field, that we can call our subtle body. This subtle body is made of prana - vital energy - which penetrates, nourishes and protects both the body and mind, just like...

Livia has the beautiful capacity to create a space of safety and compassion, where old emotions can be seen an released. The Expansion Method has been a very effective way for me to see an old traumatic memory from a broader perspective and thus no longer hold on to it. Livia knows how to ask the right questions and how to guide one through the process gently.

— Lea N.

colorful butterfly flying free in the middle of nature.jpg

Ayurveda and the Expansion Method are powerful tools to create order between

body, mind and spirit. Livia Melanie Auer


Alignment Options

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Basic Alignment

Single 1:1 Session


Physical, Emotional and Energetic Alignment


Duration 2 hours 

CHF/Euro 110.-

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Extended Alignment

4- Package  Session

-4 sessions each 2 hrs

-Close 1:1 support, ongoing conversation in between sessions

-Physical, Emotional and Energetic Alignment 

CHF/Euro 400.-

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Ayurveda Session

Option is currently not available

Schedule a session via contact form
*the sessions take place online via Zoom 




Thanks, I'm looking forward to reading your message.

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